38 Seater MidiBus

Volvo - Volvo 38 Seater Sunsundegui
  • 38 Seats with Reclining Facility

  • Leather Headrest and Three Point Seatbelts

  • Overhead and Large Luggage Compartment

  • Heating / Full Air Conditioning System

  • Stereo Audio System with Microphone

  • WC Facility and Middle Emergency Exit Door

  • One Mini Refrigerator at Front

Exterior Color


Volvo B7R - Sunsundegui
Complete Convenience & Luxury with 38 Seater Charter

The ideal perfect Seater, that is equipped with a number of amenities that will not fail to impress you! Absolutely the perfect midibus for your business and hospitality! With luxurious style seats and plenty legroom, each of these luxury coaches has been handpicked to meet our standards! BM Coaches have an excellent reputation and the attention we pay to bits and pieces of details is second to none!

Luxury 38 seater seating plan
Brief about the Coach

Volvo Sunsundeguis' - our recent exclusive addition - comprise of high impressive standard of equipments and comfort - crafted with blue and maroon Taupe Leather reclining seats and seat belts, tinted double glazing, air conditioning and on board entertainment will help make your journey run with ease & smooth. It is engine designed with the Euro 6 emission control which guarantees less hazardous emissions and that makes the coach both powerful, yet very fuel efficient. Fitted with the full specification of available interior features, passengers will benefit from a coffee machine and toilet, whilst added protection is achieved by a reinforced front structure for the drivers' area and reinforced passenger area with crumple panels. The exterior of the midi coaches are white, featuring the uniform BM Coaches, along with wider passenger entrance, the split driver screen and the increase in space is extraordinary.

BM Coaches 38 Seater fleet is perfect for weddings, funerals, school proms, school excursions, a corporate event or even a Christmas party. Travelling around alone can be stressful and lonely enough, especially if you're not sure of the way. However keeping a large group together on the ride can be a hassle, but booking a coach with us will put you and your group at relief while you get to your destination on time. We truly understand the quality of the service our clients expect to receive and have a range of luxury coaches to meet their range of needs. Our fully qualified and professional drivers will do the hard work by getting you quickly and swiftly to your destination on time. Therefore Set yourself apart and spoil yourself and your group with BM's convenient and luxury coach hires to experience a trip that is painless & stress free!

More worthwhile specifications to consider
  • Guaranteed relaxation and affordability

  • Our coach services are second to none

  • Luxury, Stylish, Spacious & comfortable

  • Safe, clean, reliable and enjoyable

  • The perfect compliment for your group & team

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