Christmas Party Festive Celebrations 2013 Corporate Travel

Festive celebrations burst into full swing on Friday the 24th January, 2014 when over 350 participants attended Christmas party that was organized by BM Coaches - Your Partner In Travel! - Posted on 13th February 2014

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On the 24th of January 2014, the whole team of BM Coaches held an exciting Christmas Party in London at the Riverside Venue that was perfectly recreated and was decorated to the most stunning glamorous atmosphere. It had the best quality catering and service and it was truly a memorable night with all our partners, clients, friends & family being part of it. It boasted a whole lot of food, drink and some of the best entertainment you could imagine, the not-to-be-missed party started at 7 pm. The party was packed with astonishing entertainment with a Brazilian Dancing event, Violin performance & musical filled moment along with other festive delights that made sure that every participant had a party night to remember!

Guests were invited from across the industry, such as coach operators, agents, drivers, friends, and all our office and workshop staff. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed a dinner followed by music and a lot of dancing! Laughter sounded all night and the stage heated up when it moved on to an entertained dancing moment. Nearly all the guests took part in this. Breaking away from the buzz and excitement the crowd gathered on one side; as the laughter and cheer erupted for the Brazilian performers twirling and twisting with a burst of colour that amazed the guests who stood in awe. The performers poured into the audience and continued to dance with such abandon that no-one remained unaffected, where they gestured willing participants to join them to dance the night away! Moreover the unique, beautiful & inspirational violin music made it a particular stylistic & fashionable Christmas celebration. The violinist was truly professional, responsive and a true pleasure to have at the party.

BM Coaches have always given 100% in everything we do, which is why we are still standing strong in the coach industry. A very special thank you to all our staff, clients, business partners & friends for your support over the years, who have consistently been the secret to our success throughout the years; and also for making this Christmas party such a big success by coming along and lending great support to us; this event would have not been successful if you would have not made it!