Beach Day Trips/Breaks

The beach stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul, and so does BM Coaches when you drive with them. Secluded coves, parties / weddings on the sand or bucket-and-spade golden expanses - find your perfect seaside spot amongst the best European beaches. UK, Ireland, Scotland and Europe are well known to offer the most beautiful & magical beaches in the world. They are clean and everyone admires and falls in love with it. There cannot be a single person who would not dislike being in a beach. Beaches sparkle with sunshine, provides a clear cut view of the beautiful skies and rolling waves.

Our Beach Coach Hire offer the best tailor-made private tours, wildlife and beach holidays and bespoke honeymoons in the UK, Ireland, Scotland and Europe. We are one of Europe's top favorite coach hire company, offering different coaches ranging from luxury coaches to midi/mini coaches with all the equipments to provide you a comfortable experience at affordable prices. The best European beach vacations are now on your finger tips. Call us right away and we will provide comprehensive guides to surf the coastlines of Europe including detailed beach characteristics, maps, photographs and written reviews by local surfers.

Why Choose Coach hire for Beach Breaks?

  • Prepared staffs to organise transportation & logistics to make it the best day/trip
  • Guaranteed deals & fares to meet your expectations and requirements
  • You will get to move from mood to moment via currents, tides & weather
  • Inclusive of Knuckle rides and leisurely cruises on certain beach destinations
  • Perfect solution to ensure you arrive safe, on time and enjoy the entire stay

With a soul full of longing & with eagerness to find the secrets of the beach & the heart of the ocean, reserve your coach online 24/7 for beach tours/weddings/birthday parties/travel & tourism in coastal areas right now through the contact us form on our website/ make a FREE phone!