About our success story in transportation

“Our Values have evolved and strengthened since the time we were a small family run business. Our every interaction has the essence and warmth of these unique values and we take pride to serve our customers with passion and professionalism. Our success story is the result of the continuous support and faith our customers have on our capabilities. Our esteemed customers, dedicated team members and elite business standards define what we are today”

Our story goes back in 2007, when we stepped in to the public transportation industry of this beautiful and historic city. We started with only one 49 seater Vanhool; the company was established by myself as a sole operator. That was the era when our business philosophy “to be your partner in travel by providing extraordinary customer service, on the most advanced vehicle at extremely affordable prices” was founded.

The warmth and personalised attention delivered by us, gained a rapid popularity and appreciation, and the name BM Coaches was strongly established amongst London's coach operators.

The following year; in 2008 we added another Vanhool and increased our fleet to two vehicles. The continuous support and appreciation from our customers has always been our biggest strength and encouraged us to meet the increasing demand of our customers.

Towards the end of 2008, two more luxury coaches with excellent onboard facilities were added to our fleet. Our fleet was increasing, so were the complexity of our operations which demanded highly qualified and experienced professionals. In this journey, our core principle of “not compromising on standards and enduring excellence in the quality of people and coaches” was preached.

By the middle of 2009; BM Coaches had become a strong name amongst London's coach operators and we were known as “the dark horse”. We became the preferred choice amongst not only local hirer's but also the European and International customers. Our credibility and reputation was built up by sheer “word of mouth” recommendation from our satisfied clients.

We call this year as “the Golden Year” in the history of BM Coaches as our fleet increased to 19 luxury coaches of various sizes loaded with the most modern facilities and technology. At this time we aimed to ensure that the quality and safety cannot be compromised, and we took a strategic decision of having ascertained “our own in-house Engineering team” to service & maintain our fleet; rather than relying on outsourcing. All our vehicles are checked daily, and the entire maintenance is carried out in-house under my strict supervision.

Our reputation of being “Reliable & Self Sufficient” coach operator gave us many opportunities to serve elite and prestigious customers. The continuous support and recognition from customers encouraged us to increase our fleet massively to 40 Luxury vehicles. In 2010, the company expansion was at full throttle and we gained the reputation of the fastest grown coach operator in the United Kingdom.

Every vehicle that we purchased was unique or customised to cater to specific requirements of our customers. Needless to say, “The Best Fleet Award” amongst the UK's Coach Operators was always secured by BM Coaches. In 2011, Vanhool customised the most unique coach according to our specification, the Super-luxury complete panoramic glass roof coach; which is the only coach of its kind in the United Kingdom.

Today, we are proud to be UK and Europe's most respected and recognised coach operator. We take pride to call ourselves as “your partner in travel” as it's not just the coach you hire with us; it's the brilliance of professionalism and personalised services!

It's always an honour for us to be at your service!

B Balasuresh

Managing Director

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