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Executive Full Size Coaches


The best stormy distinctive coach that takes passenger travel to a brand new sophisticated, stylistic and comfy level in the coach industry, equally providing an exceptional customer satisfaction via the experience it delivers from the moment of departure till the end

Brief about the Coach

Offering a stunning street presence throughout the ride, along with exceptional levels of passenger comfort and in class manoeuvrability standards, this executive coach is just the reliable one for city break trips. Comprised with the cutting edge technology this has maximum room for many travellers, extra luggage space and for more power-performance. Guaranteed to impress, by delivering new levels of operational possibilities and by representing an example through its combination of innovation and seating capacity Brilliant ergonomics that make every angle look of it luxurious ensuring a stress free environment for the driver in busy roads as well as for the people who take a tour. Delivers innovative travel solutions by supplying ideal classy coach services for transfers, private coach hires and events to any destination in the UK and throughout Europe.

Exterior Information

A stylish, spacious, versatile and attractive design with a host of passenger-friendly features that merge to make this executive coach the definite solution for high density city transfers and tours around UK and Europe, providing a stunning street presence and a supreme comfort whilst carry ..+ passengers. The outstanding passenger access is a hallmark of all, with low entry access, widen doors, broad aisles, easy access wheelchair areas and a flat floor that makes it pretty straight forward for anyone who wants to travel on a coach to get to any destinations with their family and friends. With it’s contemporary look providing a distinctive and eye catching appearance from the moment it starts moving on the road this will surely take you to the next level of travelling.


Tinted, double glazed side windows that gives room for the natural lighting through the windows; double glazed rear window; laminated front screen. All glass directly bonded to the main structure, which also gives a sky-view along with a real street presence as you keep moving.


Halogen pinpoint headlights and beam lights for driver performance and passenger sightseeing during night travel; front & reversing fog lights, side & rear repeater brake light indicators; integral high level brake light & corner marker lights - nighttime safety, utility & security.

Interior Information


Intelligent cabin design that gives a sense of space that’s unsurpassed with no compromises on passenger comfort and contemporary interior styling. Wide, inviting entrance that is alluring, extensively trimmed in soft fabrics with the reclining seats covered in a choice of quality materials, 3-point seatbelts that are standard to all passenger seats. Distinctive panoramic screen at the front for an exceptional enjoyable driver and passenger view.

More Information

Sleek interior racks with classy lightings and ventilation to individual seats, along with high quality audio and video systems to entertain each passenger. With increased headroom and room for additional seats taking seating capacity up to .., sloping floors with wide gangways along with large amount of ducts to improve passenger comfort this coach turns out to be the perfect partner in comfort.

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