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Executive Midi Coaches


Perfect embodied tradition and class built with high capacity - come spring, summer, autumn or winter. Combined with advanced technology, stunning design, and a confident performance, meeting your luxury requirements, it will take you to any destination smoothly

Brief about the Coach

With an outstanding capacity of space in the interior and a widened wheelbase along with a flat floor corridor this gives the luxury of comfort to the passengers. With low steps and a widened entering and exiting door helping the people move in and out easily gives the first impression for groups who choose this coach. With large panoramic windows with low-slung window lines, soft reclining coach seats, climate controlled air-conditioning and overhead baggage storage racks this provides the best setup for you travel on board. Featuring the discreet sound system with a dual CD/DVD player, Audio noise compensation technology, tri-zone climate control, you will be guaranteed that you will get the most stylistic safe environment & pleasure in this seater. Whether for a short/long trip or a weekend tour this Temsa provides everything big economically and in every way possible!

Exterior Information

A reliable, durable and high quality performer to ride up to … passengers, representing itself built in complete stainless steel construction to add value to its look offering excellent carrying capacity. The exterior of this seater features the uniform BM Coaches, which is a great choice for sporting teams, church outings, shopping trips, business events and family reunions that will surely take you to your destination relaxed, ready and rested. Having considered ergonomics standards it provides safe and comfortable door configurations for the passengers by offering the quietest, clean, vibration free transport in the UK and Europe.

Executive midi exterior full view

Being stable in the wind & whilst turning around the curves in the city, easier to park and move around in the busiest streets of traffic, with minimised operational cost without compromising comfort providing longevity & low weight stainless steel construction.


The window glass is safely constructed and designed to keep passengers inside the coach during a rollover, causing minimal injury. Furthermore, each side having two luggage locker doors, the storage area being remarkably uncluttered creating a pleasing atmosphere.

Interior Information


Simplicity, outstanding safety and comfort is what this magnificent interior gives assurance for passengers and drivers, providing three-point belts, drop down tables, seats with upright grab handles, magazine nets, footrests and a slide-apart function, along with roof mounted air-conditioning units, a top loading fridge and a rear toilet for easy access. Interior being neat and spacious with a flexible seating layout makes it convenient to easily keep it clean!

More Information

The perfect coach to take comfort in the road, save money and enjoy surroundings while you watch the scenic view through the panoramic picturesque windows, this ... seater midi-coach fleet comes with a variety of features to make your journey a smooth one, whatever the reasons maybe for you to travel around.

Executive Midi Gallery