Family Reunions & Senior Citizen Tours

Whether you want to take a day trip or set a multiple day reunion tour together as a family to the family history sites, or just drive do some local sightseeing if your family is coming from afar, travelling on our luxury coaches is the best way that will keep the group together. Reunions & get togethers are all about celebration, and we at BM make the ride for it safe, reliable, punctual and entertaining. Our coaches are designed only to meet your requirements, from comfy seats to onboard Wi-fi and restrooms that will amaze even the smallest kid traveller, thus let us take part in the fastest route of your next outing and give the best experience of your life.

We've provided the best experience for families that plan for birthdays, anniversaries, annual events, and even for senior citizens who wish to take some time off with their friends after retirement by spending hours at any local luncheons, game nights, casinos or at the shopping streets. However large your family/friend group maybe or wherever you want to head out, our team of experts will help you plan out the perfect outing in the best affordable budget. We work hard everyday and thrive to ensure that whenever a client chooses us that they do it knowing we have invested the time, energy and resources needed to keep them safe.

Why Choose Coach Hire for Family Reunions & Senior Citizen Tours?

  • Solutions provided for renting cars, parking and traffic problems
  • Custom package to suit the need (coach+driver+guide+itinerary)
  • Enough down time to reminisce & catch up with dear loved ones
  • Allows you to sit back, relax, visit, share photos/stories from the day
  • The perfect mode of transport for family travel with every need attended to

If you want to go tripping or sightseeing with family and friends, or need to get the transportation organised for an upcoming family reunion or senior retirement outing, we are on our tip toes to assist and make sure your adventurous coach trip goes successfully!