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Luxury Midi Coaches


Perfect for everyone who looks for great space, however does not want to sacrifice style and comfort, along with safety technologies. Held to high standards of safety, maintenance, and presentation plus our sensitivity to the environment is equal to our definition of luxury.

Brief about the Coach

With an uncompromising safety and an unbeatable value for money this coach has been designed as the safest coach just for the tourism industry. Numerous storage compartments provide the maximum space for luggage racks and to load the belongings of the travellers. Equipped with two separate circuits for the heater and air-conditioning, this makes it a pleasant experience in any season you may want to travel. The comprehensive technology that revolves around safety and assistance offers a double protection for the passengers, driver and the coach itself. Far beyond utility to offer the best adventure in every ride, this perfectly balances the thrill and peace of mind, with exhilarating options and advanced safety features no matter what the destination you want to head to. Whether it is an on-the-go around the town or to a far away destination path the Wi-Fi Hotspot will keep you connected!

Exterior Information

From the time of entry to the coach, along the wide steps and elegant handrails, the first impression gives the pleasure of safety that is unique in its active system. Displays a range of different destinations, that are self-luminous, providing a clear visible strong typeface as you keep moving. Ensures high speed stability, smooth handling and efficiency giving an amazing feeling of spaciousness and high quality. Perfect to create the first impression for corporate travel, large scale transfers to weddings/funerals/other important events and schools. With all these highlights and also being a flexible all rounder attracting many interested travellers to trip in as a group this coach fleet series deserves an applause for the appearance itself.


Made by bringing together maximum comfort, innovative design and high quality that is personified in its own class via cost-efficiency by giving the passengers an exclusive feeling and motivating the driver and being the additional enhancer of the entire fleet.


With raised comfort levels in luxury amenities, exclusive designs and fittings, the trip itself will assure an impressive travel experience that gives a truly exceptional passenger feeling beforehand, and will continue to inspire and catch the attention of more travellers.

Interior Information


Inclusive of a large panorama glass roof top, low- reaching windows and drawing ceilings above on the sides together create an all round fantastic visibility for all the passengers. High quality seats with spring mounted cushions and ergonomic shaped backrests offer the ultimate comfort and ease, thereby giving an enhanced external view. Equipped with Wi-Fi for a quick internet connection to let you be connected & surf the web when required.

More Information

The perfect coach travel experience that provides individualized luxury on its own along with technological excellence, advance safety, and all around cost-effectiveness, which is value for money. Experience the excellence and precision of travel in this luxury midi coach today whilst you travel to the destination you want to be in!

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