Southbank Centre - Art / Entertainment? It has got all that you need, be a part of it with BM Coaches

Since the year 1951 South Bank has been hosting festivals of Britain and has been remaining at the heart of all. It deals with a diverse range of subjects and spans all art forms, which occur on an annual basis. Yearly the organs return to this Royal Festival Hall to bring the instrument to a wide audience, where many Learning & Participation projects take place throughout the year that involve school children, emerging poets, young musicians and composers, local families and children to participate. These conclude in performances, installations and exhibitions across Southbank Centre throughout the Pull Out of all the festivals. One of the festivals is known as the "Chorus" that explores and celebrates the power of singing together and will also encounter large-scale of vocal projects and also intimate learning opportunities, and find the whole Centre transformed by people singing. Alchemy is a yearly event that discovers international masters alongside emerging talent; classical traditions alongside up-and-coming youth culture; the best in South Asian cuisine and the latest fashions from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. You can take the advantage of enjoying a vibrant festival atmosphere with the rich free programme of workshops, performances and exhibitions and sample wonderful food from the market and Festival Restaurant-in-residence.

There are other festivals too that take place around the year. Such as the Festival of Love that explores the complexity of our relationships and the many different facets of human love from romantic love and the breakdown of relationships, to love for close family and friends. Which is combined with creative entrepreneurship with a radical artistic approach, James' genre-defying portfolio spans music, art, fashion, design and film, and as part of his groundbreaking work with UNKLE, boasts acclaimed musical collaborations with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Massive Attack, Nick Cave and Thom Yorke. Another Festival that takes place is in connection to the Children's Rights, where the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is an international treaty that sets out universally accepted Rights for Children.

In the meantime the PRS Foundation for Music also creates a weekend-long festival of brand new music from all over the UK. A Poetry festival is also held, which is a bold, playful and inspiring festival of poetry, film and spoken word designed to 'makes the heart leap, the soul stir and the mind soar'. Over a week readings, music, poetry films, translations, new commissions, free events and innovative spoken-word performances are held. Unlimited is another eclectic programme of free and ticketed events, exhibitions, workshops, participatory activities and platforms for discussion and debate that put the spotlight on the artistic vision and originality of Deaf and disabled artists, giving them space to present their work and share their practice. Africa Utopia on the other hand takes inspiration from the imagery of the 'village' that provides a forum, a gathering space where everyone meets, all generations eat and talk, celebrate together and share civic decision making.

Not forgetting the London Literature annual festival that invites the most interesting writers and speakers from all over the world and then asks to join in a series of events that question who we are and what it means to be alive - right here, right now. Moreover the exciting Winter Festival celebrations that will be filled with festive Christmas markets, specially-commissioned installations around the site and spectacular shows for all will also be held there.

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